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Strategies to increase your luck

Strategies to Increase Your Luck

Who isn’t at least a little superstitious? Athletes have lucky socks. A businessman has a lucky suit. Anyone can increase the amount of luck they experience in life. Of course, you’re not truly creating luck. You’re putting yourself in a better position to create and notice useful opportunities and circumstances. Being luckier is largely a state of mind. Even so, it’s a pleasant experience!

Try these strategies to increase the amount of luck in your life:

1. Expect good things to happen. You tend to receive what you expect. Does your brain have a magical ability to influence your environment? Perhaps you’re just better at noticing the things that you think about. Have you ever bought a car and then suddenly noticed the same make and model at an alarming frequency?

• The more you focus on the positive events, the more you’ll notice them. You can only take advantage of the things you notice.

2. Follow your gut. Your brain receives a lot of information from your environment, far more than you’re capable of dealing with on a conscious level. Your brain is also amazingly adept at solving problems. The messages your brain is sending might be subtle, but they’re present. That little voice that tells you to turn left instead of right? Listen to it.

3. Give yourself more opportunities to be lucky. Be open and alert. Plenty of great opportunities are passing you by each day. Get out in the world and engage fully. Static environments don’t have a lot of luck to offer. You’ll never be lucky while sitting on your couch.

4. Be mindful and present in the moment. If you’re busy daydreaming, worrying about the future, or regretting the past, you’ll probably miss out on lots of opportunities to be lucky. This might be the most effective tip for putting yourself in a position to notice all that life has to offer.

5. Minimize the stress in your life. Either get a handle on the people and things that are creating stress in your life or enhance your ability to deal with them successfully. If you’re stressed, you can’t see the luckiness around you.

6. Experiment. Choose to be lucky and measure your success. Decide that you’re going to find 25 quarters over the next month. Remind yourself several times each day and visualize yourself finding quarters. Keep track of how many you find. You’ll be surprised by how many your find and where you find them. Try it!

7. Get busy. The harder you work, the luckier you’ll be. If you spend 10 hours each day digging for gold nuggets, you’ll find a lot more than if you’re only digging for 2 hours. The luckiest people are often those that put in the most time.

8. Learn. Your ability to be lucky grows with your knowledge. The more you know, the better you can make use of the items and people that cross your path.

9. Be generous. When you do things for others, you’ll find your life fills with more opportunities. Be generous with your time and wealth.

10. Deal with bad luck effectively. A little bad luck can derail the positive attitude that’s so important to receiving good luck. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you’d like. Rather than dwelling on it: learn from it, make the best of it, and move on.

If you want to experience more luck in your life, give yourself more chances to be lucky. Keep your mind in the present but look forward to a bright future. Expect good things to happen and you’ll happily enjoy more of the luck you seek.

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