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I Consciously Create A Positive Future.

I build a joyous future for myself each day. I focus on a future that lifts me up and supports my family.

I see humanity in a positive light and in a dazzling future.

I play an important role in helping the world shift to a bright future. My thoughts, actions, and experiences make a difference.

I visualize the future that is ahead of me. I see a world with love, happiness, and kindness. I notice a civilization that has peace and prosperity. I see my future as a brilliant light.

I focus on what I want in the future.

I turn away from negative ideas that distract me from my inspiring vision.

I walk confidently toward my dreams and reach for my goals. I manifest my dreams into reality. I create the future with my mind and thoughts.

I schedule specific tasks to make my desired future happen. I know it takes effort and time to accomplish everything on my list. However, I am confident I can do it.

I enjoy each moment along the path to my exciting future.

Today, I envision a wonderful future. I take steps toward making my dreams come true. I take control of my thoughts and actions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I take positive steps today to move toward a brighter future?

2. What can I do to encourage others to think and plan for the future they desire?

3. How can I stay focused in the present while also planning ahead for the future?

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